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Edirol UA-5 with standalone AD modification

Here are some photos of an Edirol UA-5 USB Digital Audio Capture unit which has been modified for standalone AD. The unit cannot be used for normal audio playback from the computer any more. Two things that we've noticed:

  1. R8 below the lower right corner of the TUSB3200 Streaming Controller has been removed. R8 would be connected to pin 36 of the controller, which is CDATO - codec port interface serial data output. This is where the audio would come out from the USB and go to the digital outputs & DA converter.

  2. A jump wire has been installed at the other end of R35, which is located between the AK4524 DAC and the CS8420 sample rate converter. The wire seems to connect pin 13 SDTO (Serial audio Data Output) of the AD converter to pin 14 SDIN (Serial Data Input) of the CS8420, thus bringing the AD result to the CS8420 which in turn converts the serial audio data to the S/PDIF format, which is what comes out from the digital audio outputs on the back of the unit.

Removing R8 is necessary because you can't mix digital signals just like that, the output from the controller would interfere with the output from the AD converter at the sample rate converter's input.

I suppose the above modifications might do the trick alone, but if you find any other differences to an unmodified unit, please let me know! If these two small modifications really are all that is needed, then it's much easier than I thought. It should be easy to do this with an additional switch in the back panel which would switch between the standalone ADC and "normal" modes.

NEWS FLASH! I have succesfully modified my unit based on these photos, with a switch to toggle the modification on and off!

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