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In short: Clusse is a free DX cluster server software package for amateur packet radio. If this doesn't tell you anything, you are probably not an amateur radio operator, and won't benefit from this software. You could as well stop reading now.


A DX cluster is a network of DX cluster nodes, which each provide services to a group of local users. Nodes are linked together using a special protocol so that the users of each node can exchange information with the users of the whole cluster.

As the name "DX cluster" suggests, the main purpose of the system is to distribute information about DX stations currently on the air. Once an user of a cluster has heard (and worked) a DX station, he tells the callsign and the frequency to the local cluster node, which distributes the information to all other users of the network, so that they can find and work the station.

The DX cluster concept was widely introduced by the PacketCluster (TM) software developed and sold by Pavillion Software. Clusse is a DX cluster node software similar to PacketCluster in functions. It includes most features of the original software, but it is not a clone. It is not intended to look similar and no effort will be done to make it feel similar.

Main features:



Clusse is still very much under construction. A lot of features are being worked on, and some may not work as expected. The current version is 0.31, and is still considered experimental, though the software is already about three years old.

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