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The Genuine PC/FlexNet Home page is the place to download the latest PC/FlexNet code and documentation. Why surf on an illegal clone when you can have the Real Thing?

The F6FBB Pages are the official distribution site for Jean-Paul's multi-user, multi-language and multi-OS Packet BBS software. If you're running Clusse under some sort of Windows or OS/2, you can run FBB and Clusse on the same computer!

clx is a DX Cluster node software package for Linux, developed in Germany. Based on a healthy, rock-stable operating system and a modern multi-process design, this software has a great future ahead. It is based on the Postgres relational database system, so it likes to eat some memory and cpu, though. It's user interface is a PacketCluster (TM) clone.

DxNet is a DX Cluster node software package written by Olivier Le Cam, F5MZN. It features a PacketCluster (TM) style user interface and PacketCluster compatible mail services.

The OH2BUA WebCluster gathers information from DX cluster networks around the world and makes it available in a nice Internet-age format.

The DX PacketCluster WebNet attempts to be a "total" PacketCluster Resource. That's much said, but i think it does a relatively good job.

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