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Clusse files downloadable over HTTP:
File size description 2753 k Clusse 1.00 source code and executable, not an installation package 448 k Clusse 0.31, full package 319 k Clusse 0.31, upgrade from Clusse 0.30

Language files are listed on a separate page.

AX.25 stacks:

You also need to download either the PC/FlexNet kernel + drivers or the G8BPQ Packet Switch. Here are short descriptions of both, so that you could decide which one you want:

Download an AX.25 stack:
PC/FlexNet External The home site of PC/FlexNet 260 k G8BPQ Packet Switch version 4.08a
Clusse files can also be downloaded using FTP from the following sites:

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